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Wolverhampton, where the new Jaguar engine plant will be built.
This project is one of the largest undertaken by Hawk Contracts in recent years and involved moving over 1 million cubic metres of earth and rock over a 24 week period.

Due to the extreme rainfall experienced during the early part of the summer, the project became extremely challenging, but due to the dedication, experience and GPS machine control technology, the project has been completed on time with every milestone achieved.

The project was completed with the aid of Precision Control, where machines and operators used GPS control technology to complete the job. This meant the job could be completed quicker as you don’t have to rely on setting-out engineers. You also don’t have as many people on site on foot, which is a health and safety benefit.

To read more about the success of this innovative idea follow the link below to the Construction Index website:


Outstanding Construction Excellence Award

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